You want me to design an iPhone app!?

I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone who voted in my poll. That was fun! I think I’ll be doing polls pretty regularly to help me make decisions.

So Kris (my husband for those of you just joining me) and I have been discussing doing some sort of software development project together since we first met. He’s got a Computer Science degree, can code and script, knows all about web servers and deployment strategies, etc. Since I’m a GUI front-end sort of girl (laffs appreciated), he’s the yin to my yang. Or maybe the other way around.

We’re both Apple fans; Kris has the iPhone and I have the iPod Touch.  We’ve bought the SDK license and have a list of ideas ready to go. I’m going to pick one that’s pretty simple, get some wireframes and flows together for my developer (Kris) and try to get one complete as quickly as possible.

Ready. Set. Go!


2 responses to “You want me to design an iPhone app!?

  1. Well no one ever tells me anything.
    Hey kid.

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