A little more time on my hands

The realities of the current economic crisis hit close to home this week. A client I had been working with is in serious financial straits and it looks like we’re putting the project on hold. I’d be more specific, but I want to wait until there is an official statement from the company to link to so that this post doesn’t attract too much attention.

I may be able to help out on some other projects in the meantime, but I’m anticipating a bit more free time. You may remember, I recently started working 40 hours per week instead of the 20 I had been working for the last 6 months (until I was laid off). It’s been a great 4 weeks, but definitely a change in my work-life balance.

To put a positive spin on things, this will give me more time to read and write about user experience and social media. I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon recently and hope to get back up.

Talk to you all soon.

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