Social Media Addict

I thought I could quit Twitter and Facebook any time I wanted. I like both services, but I never thought I was an addict until today when both were down (or just not acting right) for most of the morning. I felt sad that I didn’t know how my friends were spending their days and disconnected from the news and information I usually consume as a stream on my phone and laptop.

There are certainly other ways to get the information I was longing for, but what I’ve realized about Twitter and Facebook (but mostly Twitter) is that if you invest the time to follow (and unfollow) the people, news organizations, and companies you care about and monitor your favorite hashtags, the information you want comes to you in short bursts you can ignore if you’re busy doing something else. You don’t have to visit 7 different news sites and watch your IM all day. It’s there when you want it.

For me, that’s what makes is so addicting. Efficiency is my drug.

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