Apple Tablet: It’s Heeere!

Apple Logo

I’m sorry to be an Apple fan girl, but the best pieces of technology I’ve ever owned are my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. My previous iPods and MacBook were great friends, but Apple’s products just seem to get better and better. That is why, I’m giddy about the fact that Flurry Analytics has detected 50 Apple Tablets online in Cupertino.  If price weren’t an consideration, I’d probably be camping out in front of an Apple store on launch day to get one, but it’s going to take some pretty slick new features to get me to spend $600-$1,000 in the near term.

It was the same way I felt about the iPhone. I knew it was cool and would change the way I used the Internet, but it took me a while to feel comfortable with the price tag. I needed lots of people using it in real life telling me about the benefits to make the investment. In fact, it took me getting an iPod Touch to realize how awesome apps were. But, if I had it to do over again, I probably would have skipped the Touch and gone right for the iPhone. Apple eased me into the idea of device cost plus data plan by offering me a less expensive device that worked on my existing wireless connection. I hear that may be an option with the Tablet too. If it could tether with the iPhone, it would be pretty great, but I bet AT&T or Verizon would come up with some reason why I  need to pay them more.

On last thought, Apple makes products which create demand (the opposite of what I was taught in Marketing class) and because they’ve delivered so well in the past, excitement prior to launch is a huge asset to the company. Without spending money, they get blog posts, tweets, news stories, word-of-mouth, and other fan-driven, fan-consumed media that must be worth millions and millions of dollars. They have their detractors like everyone else, but if you are even a little excited about the Tablet, the Apple fan machine is probably the driving force.


One response to “Apple Tablet: It’s Heeere!

  1. Do you know how many books I could buy for 600 bucks?

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